Haseena Nishad

A proactive leader committed to the growth of the entity as well as the well-being of the employees, Haseena Nishad is the epitome of ideal leadership.

The Beginning

Growing in a serene village in Kerala, the land of prodigious green bearing the magnificence of communal harmony, Haseena has been a go-getter since childhood. A determinant person with an optimistic attitude, she believes in leading the team from the front.

Haseena Nishad began her entrepreneurial venture in 2008, after her relocation to UAE. World Star Holding, the million-dollar entity that focuses on labour support to entities gained abundant growth under her leadership. Supporting her on the roles and handling equal responsibility in the company is her husband Nishad Hussain.

They form a great combo that presents the world how a mutually comprehending couple can attain great success in life. The duo could augment the growth of the entity and could take the business organization to the next level. An enviable achievement many dreams of.

Empowering Women

Haseena could be considered the epitome of women empowerment. She depicts how a confident woman can lead a business firm, infuse positivity in the team, delve deep into the business intricacies and gain an unparalleled feat. She makes it a point to motivate and guide women, who reach out to her for moral and mental support.

She serves as an example for those women thinking to break the cocoon limiting their growth and spread their wings. The steadfast approach of this stalwart entrepreneur has been inspiring young damsels, as well as, homemakers to go ahead and grab success.

Believing in the concept that nothing great has ever been done easily, Haseena overcomes struggles with much finesse. Her strong stride ahead underscores the strong determinant spirit she has.

Spreading Kindness

Haseena believes that her philanthropic acts should remain hidden from the eyes of the world. The activities one does for the deprived and weaker part of society should not be a method to garner public support. It must remain a secret between the giver and taker.

With this concept in mind, she maintains secrecy concerning the financial and material help she extends to the people around her. The charity events and services are not photo-op events for her. That’s why you will never see any such images posted on her social media handles or personal web portal.

A truly altruistic human being, Haseena Nishad continues focussed on her mission to make the world a better place to live. Helping thousands around, she is a person with a heart of gold, reflecting sheer kindness.

Donning different roles simultaneously, with utmost efficiency, is not an easy feat. An exalted level of positive mindset is the key to this path-breaking accomplishment. Performing the duties of a mother impeccably well while taking up the responsibility of a million-dollar entity, she portrays how committed actions can reap the best results. Managing between the family and work, Haseena is a model for youngsters, to imitate and follow.

Haseena Nishad has a wide social media presence, established with the idea to connect with more people. To inspire them to strive towards their dreams and don’t stop unless achieved.

Follow her social media pages to know more about Haseena Nishad and her new ventures.


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